Spring Collection

"Flowers are delicate airy and beautiful creatures, they grow chaotically like most of us, but always seem to amaze us in bloom. Coffee is strong, it can be dark... and in 2020, it powers most of the world. Which is why I decided to combine the two in beautiful irony with these three new textile designs."

Coffee Painting Artist Wendy A. Morgan  

 "Lavish Lillies"

These white lillies are made with dark and rich coffee!
These sepia tone flowers are bold and bright. They are made of the strongest coffee a coffee artisan could brew! If you like neutral tones, finally this is a botanical floral pattern is for you.
Lily, in Roman mythos, are to have been a gift from the queen of the gods. Others find in it a meaning of purity. Overall I think the lily is simply an elegant and strong flower. It's huge pistil and rippling curly petals are beautiful in any color. 

"Forget Me Not"

This is not your grandmothers floral!
While these delicate sepia tone flowers seem fragile, they are made of the strongest coffee I could brew! If you like neutral tones, then this is a flower bouquet for you! 
'Scorpion Grasses' or 'Myosotis' is a flower we call the "Forget Me Not". People like to draw meaning from the flowers with ideas of faithful love and memories.
These are my grandmother's favorite flowers.

"Cup of Flower"

This is designed with the barista in mind.  
Radial coffee flower painting of lavished lilies, is surrounding an adorable coffee cup laden with beans.