"Love for our Nurses" Coffee Painting Print

"Love for our Nurses" Coffee Painting Print

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"Love for our Nurses" is a painting inspired by nurses, and emergency ICU staff who are on the frontlines for the world. 

Painted originally in Coffee, this piece embodies the energy of 10 coffees, which our emergency staff will undoubtedly need. 

 Emergency staff on the frontline are risking their own health amidst this pandemic. These caretakers are standing bed-side as the world takes on a quickly spreading novel virus, and they are our only safety net. 

Retired doctors and nurses, worldwide, are being urged out of retirement. Nurses have been treating patients and answering calls for people, even while off the clock.

Self isolation has given me ample time to paint, and these medical professionals inspire me. I am making prints of this painting made with coffee, but I also want to pay it forward. 

For over 50 years, the Canadian Nurses Foundation has helped nurses learn, investigate and advance best nursing practices. They improve the delivery of health care by awarding scholarships to promising nursing students and nurses at all educational levels, and by funding nurse-led research that enhances the quality and efficacy of patient care. So $5 from each sale will go directly to this crucial foundation.